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Juicebox Jukebox

Brad Skistimas, otherwise known as the “JuiceBox JukeBox” will join LAECA for a “Kindness Concert” at local schools on Thursday, November 3 rd . Then he will join early childhood educators at the Louisiana Early Childhood Association’s 56 th Annual Conference on Friday, November 4 th . Don’t miss it! Get a preview of what is to come by checking out these YouTube videos.

The Louisiana Early Childhood Association (LAECA) is a non-profit early childhood organization for teachers, parents, caregivers and early care professionals dedicated to improving the lives of Louisiana's children from birth to eight years of age. Our regional association is the Southern Early Childhood Association.

Mission Statement

The mission of the organization is to increase awareness of the needs of young children and to work for the knowledge and understanding of young children from birth to age eight


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Visit the S.E.C.A. website
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