Hello LAECA Members and Potential Members!

You are here! I mean, on the map of life, you are here reading this at this moment. Interest and curiosity are the first steps. Have you ever thought about what your destination is on this journey? As your Louisiana Early Childhood Association, we hope that you have travel stops planned for each of the following:

  • promoting quality education,
  • improving children’s health, and
  • taking care of all children.

Pardon all of the travel puns, but the theme of our upcoming LAECA State Conference is “Destination: Early Childhood.” After two years of limited traveling to visit and share with one another, we thought it fitting to celebrate this year’s opportunity to travel to be together in the heart of the state with our early childhood colleagues. Our 56 th Annual Louisiana Early Childhood Association State Conference will happen in-person in Alexandria from Thursday-Saturday, November 3-5 at the Randolph Riverfront Center. Mark your calendars and pack your bags!

Think about that! For over 50 years we have set aside one weekend in the year to nourish our early childhood souls by communicating ideas, collaborating to develop new ideas, cooperating to bring ideas to fruition, networking to get to know one another better, shopping for our classrooms, congratulating award winners, and embracing opportunities to grow as professionals. We return home refreshed and teeming with new information that we can use in our classrooms the very next day and food for thought to share with others as we hope for and work for improvements in our field. What a wonderful tradition to be an integral part of!!!

I truly hope that you are considering attending. Click on the “Conference” tab on this site to learn more. Have you ever thought about presenting? What have you been reading about and trying in your classroom? Please consider sharing your talents and information gathering. In our summer (electronic) and fall (paper) issues of Collaborations, and here on our website, you will find a Call for Proposals. Take a look.

Have you connected to LAECA through our Facebook page? If not, please do! That is one of the main ways that we will be sharing what you can look forward to during this year’s conference. Who will the keynote speaker be? Will there be a musician? What kinds of presentations will be offered? The “maps” and “travel guides” will all be on this website and on our Facebook page. Stay connected and bookmark these sites!

Website: http://laeca.org/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Louisiana-Early-Childhood-Association-554421424671708/

As professionals striving to improve what happens in our work settings, enhance ways that we interact with families, and support young children’s needs in a variety of settings, we truly are traveling together on a journey. As we communicate with and support one another, we are improving children’s lives in our own little communities and throughout the state. What better way to enjoy our travels together and learn from one another than to attend a conference with a group of like-minded early childhood companions?

I am looking so forward to seeing everyone together. Please know that we will take every precaution that is suggested by the state and by the Riverfront Center to keep you and your travel companions safe and healthy. We have worked hard this year! We deserve a trip!

Thank you for all that you continue to do for Louisiana children and families!

With warm wishes,

Debra Jo Hailey
LAECA President